Happily Ever After Ch 4 - ALC

Here Lance continues his look at Happily Ever After by John Piper! Today Lance takes a look at the nature of sin in the marriage.

1 The Goal of Marriage Is Not Marriage - FRANCIS CHAN
2 Seeing Jesus on the Stage of Marriage - P. J. TIBAYAN
3 Serpents, Seeds, and a Savior - NANCY DEMOSS WOLGEMUTH
4 A Special Agent for Change - MARSHALL SEGAL
5 Sex Is for Believers - JOHN PIPER
6 Marital Intimacy Is More Than Sex - JOSH SQUIRES
7 Superior Women—and the Men - Who Can’t Out-Give Them - DOUGLAS WILSON
8 Good Listening Requires Patience - DAVID MATHIS
9 We Need to Talk about Submission - KIM CASH TATE
10 As Long as Both Shall Live - DAVID MATHIS
11 Unembarrassed by the Bible - JOHN PIPER
12 Do You Expect Your Marriage to Be Easy? - ADRIEN SEGAL
13 The Call to Love and Respect - DOUGLAS WILSON
14 Love Is More Than a Choice - JOHN PIPER
15 Wedded in a Real War - FRANCIS CHAN
16 Five Things Submission Does Not Mean - JOHN PIPER
17 A Possible Marriage-Saver in Nine Steps - JOHN PIPER
18 Seven Questions to Ask before - Watching Something with Nudity - JOHN PIPER
19 Do Not Deprive One Another - JOHN PIPER
20 The Single Key to Personal Change - JOHN PIPER
21 Budgeting to Bless Your Spouse - MARSHALL SEGAL
22 A Wife’s Responsibility in - Solving Marital Conflict - JOHN PIPER
23 Men Run on Respect, Women on Love - DOUGLAS WILSON 
24 Just Forgive and Forbear? - JOHN PIPER
25 Loving Difficult People - STACY REAOCH
26 You Are Always in a Temple - JOHN PIPER
27 You Are Not the Perfect Spouse - JASMINE HOLMES
28 Should My Spouse Talk to Others - about Our Marriage Struggles? - JOHN PIPER
29 Pray the Bible Together - DON WHITNEY
30 Committed to Someone Larger Than Marriage - MARSHALL SEGAL