For the Silent Voices: The implications of personhood

Author Lance Phelps - 6 Minute read

So now we arrive at the question of what it means that babies are persons. Throughout this series I have argued that babies, from the moment of conception, are persons. I have argued this from a biblical framework. Too often even the Christian will attempt to argue from a secular style worldview and arrive at the conclusion of personhood for the unborn baby. This is simply a misguided attempt to make the Christians worldview seem more acceptable to the unbeliever. This is actually a foolish thing to do. It is like mixing some poison into your meal to make the poison addict happy. But God has given us a definite, and complete, worldview, we could call this a foundation, from which to draw conclusions. We must remain on this foundation in order to have a consistent worldview that conforms to reality.  

Now to the question at hand: What does is mean that an unborn baby is a person?

The Greatest Holocaust

The first implication is that we are presently living in the greatest Holocaust of all history. There is no other time in history that even comes close to the level of depravity, death, and murder as right now. 

If we were prompted to name a time of great bloodshed in human history I bet that we would name some medieval event or world war two. You might even name the Gulag Archipelago or Auschwitz or the north Atlantic Slave Trade. But these events do not even come close to the level of evil that our current culture is engaging in. Think about that: these events were heinous, absolutely some of the most disgusting things that humans have done. But these events do not compare to the Holocaust if babies that our culture is engaging in today.  

Now, this may feel like an overstatement to some, an exaggeration to garner support for a pet issue. Comparing these different events on levels of evil is nebulous at best, they may say. But remember that we have already laid out the foundation upon which we should stand. And on this foundation we must come to this conclusion babies are persons just as the African slave victim or murder Jew. Is it an overstatement to show that babies, just as the African slave victim, has had their personhood violated? Is it an overstatement to show that this stripping of babies personhood had lead to a mass slaughtering that numbers greater, when we look the numbers vs the time is took to get those numbers, than any other mass slaughtering in human history? No, it is not. Furthermore we are talking about the mass slaughtering of babies

The Greatest Silence

The other implication of babies personhood being true in this current culture is that we are living in sin. And this is especially true of the Church. Think of the silence of the Christian Church during Nazi Germany. This was a terrible thing. That the church could have been basically silent during this period is some that I think we cast judgement on them for. We might say, with a tone of pride as though we are better than they, that given the same circumstances we would fight. We might only say this in the deepest parts of our hearts. But do we mean it? Well now we can do just that. We are living in a Holocaust that we desperately need to fight against. And to be honest we as a church have not stood up and fought with anywhere near the level of fight that we can muster. We are silent. We are currently living in sin. We must repent and begin to fight with all that we have.

Dear brothers and sisters let us stand up and not get tired of this fight. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to give us strength to fight this. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to fight this. We cannot be halfhearted about this fight. We must demand that abortion is ended completely, right now.  Let us make this our battle cry. Let us destroy this great evil that pervades our culture. Let us stand on the Gospel of Grace and fight this with everything that we have.